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Little Wrist, Big Fist

Aug 30, 2017

Yes, the title is a Star Wars pun, but only we're in the same galaxy as you. In this episode Little Wrist Big Fist explores the trials and tribulations of leadership. Along the way finding correlations between the music and film industries.. Symbiosis, dude! SIDE NOTE: This episode was recorded at the Shaw Audio...

Aug 21, 2017

These Little Wrists and Big Fists have been picking up the pace. A trip to Blackbird Studios, creating Graphics for Mid Tenn entertainment, writers rounds, upcoming showcases and house shows, a new record store and you can swim in the deep sea with your Deep Tropics recap here on Little Wrist Big Fist. 

Aug 5, 2017

The final curtain call for you festival goers is here. Deep Tropics joins Little Wrist Big Fist yet again for a little SNBRN't rendezvous! Find out who won the ticket giveaway, courtesy of Deep Tropics. Music. Art. Style.

Aug 3, 2017

Music, Art, Style... Deep Tropics. In this episode, the gang swims through the depths to get you in the know about the EDM scene in the Nashville Area and the great, Barclay Crenshaw! Also, Deep Tropics and Little Wrist Big Fist bring along a surprise to fill your festival needs.